Welcome to Coppice Baptist Chapel

The Coppice Chapel has stood for over 200 years as a witness to God’s faithfulness. In 1796 a group of believers began meeting for worship in a room in Bond Street. The first pastor, a Mr Mason, was appointed in 1797 and during his ministry the present chapel was built, opening in August 1804. Some seventy years later a two-storey schoolroom was added at the rear, and the building remains substantially unaltered to this day.

Many people have wondered if the words “Strict & Particular” which used to be on the chapel notice board, meant that the public were not allowed to attend the services. This is emphatically not the case! Everyone is welcome.

We believe in the Calvinistic doctrines of free grace, that Jesus Christ died to save His people (a “particular” people) from their sins and we practise “strict” communion – which means that partaking of the Lord’s Supper is restricted to those who have been baptised, either at this chapel or one which is in accord with our beliefs.

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