Service times (Sunday)

Morning service: 10:45am
Evening service: 6:00pm

Service times (midweek)

Midweek service times can vary, but we usually hold a meeting each Tuesday at 7:15pm.

Sunday School

For children from 4-14 years of age, the Sunday School is held every Sunday morning between 9.45am and 10.30am and we welcome children and young people to join us.

Mothers & Toddlers

Every other Friday during school term time we have a Mums & Tots group from 10.00 till 11.15. Everyone is welcome. For more information, see the notice boards outside the chapel.

The worship service

Services commence with prayer, usually led by our Pastor, David Field. Occasionally one of our deacons will pray. The service continues with hymn singing, reading the Bible and prayer. The focal point of the worship is the sermon, where the minister expounds from a portion of God’s word and its application to both our spiritual and our daily lives. The service lasts just over an hour and a quarter. Often, after the Sunday evening service we have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy fellowship after the day’s worship.

What we practise

• The baptism of believers by total immersion in water after they have professed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Membership of the church is the privilege of those who have been thus baptised.
The Lord’s Supper is observed each month on the first Sunday evening. It is restricted to members at this chapel or one in full accord with our beliefs.

The Word of God

We use the King James Authorised version of the Holy Scriptures, believing this to be the most reliable translation available. Many people today are critical of its language, which they say is archaic and has fallen out of common use. We believe however, that God is able to overcome all such obstacles and under the influence of the Holy Spirit, teach us to know and love Jesus Christ through His Word.

A Church or a chapel?

The church refers to the group of people who worship here and are in membership, having been baptised here or elsewhere where their beliefs are in harmony with ours.
The congregation is those who worship here but have not (yet) been baptised.
The chapel is the building in which we worship.