Forthcoming Events & Services

God willing, our week evening services will be streamed via Facebook during September.

Please remember Pastor David Field in your prayers as he awaits major surgery again next month G.W.
We are thankful that he has been strengthened and is able to take some of the services.

Our Carol Service is on Saturday 10 December at 3.30pm when Will Powell will take the address. There will be tea in the schoolroom afterwards.

Our Christmas Day services will be held at 10.45am and 6pm G.W.




2 (LD) B Sheldon (M), Pastor (E)

3 (Mon) No service

9 (LD) N Stonelake

10 (Mon) Pastor

16 (LD) Pastor (M), Burrows (E)

17 (Mon) Pastor

23 (LD) T Rosier

24 (Mon) Pastor

30 (LD) E Buss

31 (Mon) Pastor


6 (LD) N Stonelake(M), Pastor (E)

7 (Mon) R Burrows

13 (LD) Mr D Butler

14 (Mon) Pastor

20 (LD) J Hayden

21 (Mon) Pastor

27 (LD) T Hemmington

28 (Mon) Pastor


6 (LD) S Stonelake (M), Pastor (E)

7 (Mon) Pastor

13 (LD)

14 (Mon) Pastor

19 (Sat) G Chewter 3.30*

20 (LD) G Chewter

21 (Mon) Pastor

27 (LD) D Butler

28 (Mon) Pastor


3 (LD) N Stonelake (M), Pastor (E)

4 (Mon) Pastor

10 (LD) W Powell

11 (Mon) No Service

15 (Fri) Easter Service*

17 (LD) B Sheldon

18 (Mon) No Service

24 (LD) LD N Stonelake

25 (Mon) Prayer Meeting


1 (LD) D Butler

2 (Mon) No Service

8 (LD) C Buss

9 (Mon) T Parish

15 (LD) J Davey

16 (Mon) Prayer Meeting

22 (LD) T Rosier

23 (Mon) T Rosier

29 (LD) J Hayden

30 (Mon) No Service


5 (LD) D Butler*

6 (Mon) D Butler

12 (LD) T Field

13 (Mon) Will Powell

19 (LD) M Field

20 (Mon) Prayer Meeting

26 (LD) T Martin

27 (Mon) N Stonelake


3 (LD) R Burrows (M), Pastor (E)

4 (Mon) E Buss

10 (LD) R Burrows

11 (Mon) Pastor

17 (LD) N Stonelake

18 (Mon) Pastor Online Facebook

24 (LD) Pastor (M), N Stonelake (E)

25 (Mon) Pastor

31 (LD) C Buss


1 (Mon) Pastor

7 (LD) J Lim (M), Pastor (E)

8 (Mon) T Martin (via Facebook)

14 (LD) R Burrows (M) Pastor (E)

15 (Mon) Pastor (via Facebook)

21 (LD) A Pollington

22 (Mon) Pastor (via Facebook)

28 (LD) P Hayden

29 (Mon) No Service


4 (LD) TBC (M), Pastor (E)

5 (Mon) Pastor

11 (LD) C Buss

12 (Mon) Pastor

18 (LD) R Oliver*

19 (Mon) D Butler

25 (LD) D Butler

26 (Mon) Pastor


2 (LD) R Burrows (M), Pastor (E)

3 (Mon) T Parish

9 (LD) J Hayden

10 (Mon) Pastor

16 (LD) M Field

17 (Mon) Pastor

23 N Stonelake

24 (Mon) Pastor

30 (LD) T Rosier

31 (Mon) Pastor


6 (LD) TBC (M), Pastor (E)

7 (Mon) Pastor

13 (LD) T Hayward

14 (Mon) T Martin

20 (LD) B Sheldon

21 (Mon) Pastor

27 (LD) M Hare

28 (Mon) Pastor


4 (LD) R Burrows (M), Pastor (E)

5 (Mon) No Service

10 Carol Service 3.30pm*

11 (LD) N Stonelake

12 Pastor

18 (LD) M Aldridge

19 Pastor

25 (LD)*

26 No Service

Special Services 2022

God Willing

Service of Thanksgiving for the Platinum Jubilee

Lord’s Day 5 June

Mr David Butler



Chapel Anniversary

Lord’s Day 18 September
Mr Robert Oliver
10.45 & 3.30pm

Collection for the maintenance fund

Harvest Thanksgiving

Lord’s Day 2 October

Christmas Carol Service

Saturday 10 December

Followed by tea in the Schoolroom

Christmas Day

Lord’s Day 25 December